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  • (7)Q:What type of fiber is required to run at Gigabit speeds?
  • A: Please check the following table for the different types of media and transmission distance. We can see that the best selection is single-mode fiber cable that can transmit from 1200nm-1600nm.
    Name Medium Specified distance
    1000BASE-CX Twinaxial cabling 25 meters
    1000BASE-KX Copper backplane 1 meter
    1000BASE-SX Multi-mode fiber 220 to 550 meters dependent on fiber diameter and bandwidth
    1000BASE-LX Multi-mode fiber 550 meters
    1000BASE-LX Single-mode fiber 5 km
    1000BASE-LX10 Single-mode fiber using 1,310 nm wavelength 10 km
    1000BASE-EX Single-mode fiber at 1,310 nm wavelength ~ 40 km
    1000BASE-ZX Single-mode fiber at 1,550 nm wavelength ~ 70 km
    1000BASE-BX10 Single-mode fiber, over single-strand fiber: 1,490 nm downstream 1,310 nm upstream 10 km
    1000BASE-T Twisted-pair cabling (Cat-5, Cat-5e, Cat-6, or Cat-7) 100 meters
    1000BASE-TX Twisted-pair cabling (Cat-6, Cat-7) 100 meters
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