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  • (1)Q:In what type of application does it make sense to use fiber optic transmission?
  • A:Optical fiber has a big advantage over existing copper wire when it comes to longer distances of > 100 meters, especially in high demand applications. However, in certain situations fiber may be used for shorter distances for low bandwidth applications, due to these important features:

    a. Immunity to electromagnetic interference, including nuclear electromagnetic pulses.
    b. High electrical resistance, making it safe to use near high-voltage equipment or between areas with different earth potentials.
    c. Lighter weight—important, for example, in aircraft.
    d. No sparks—important in flammable or explosive gas environments.
    e. Not electromagnetically radiating, and difficult to tap without disrupting the signal—important in high-security environments.
    f. Much smaller cable size—important where pathway is limited, such as networking an existing building, where smaller channels can be drilled and space can be saved in existing cable ducts and trays.
    g. Resistance to corrosion due to non-metallic transmission media.
  • (2)Q:How do I know if I should use multimode or single-mode?
  • A: If multimode fiber cable is already installed, than multimode equipment should be used. If not, please use single-mode fiber cable together with single-mode equipment.
  • (3)Q:Are there different types of fiber optic cable available in multimode and single-mode?

  • A:Alba fiber systems does not produce or sale fiber optic cable. However, there is plenty of multimode and single-mode cable available in the market and we can help or suggest customers to find fiber optic cable.
  • (4)Q:Do I use 1 fiber or 2?
  • A:For AFS1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 9000 Series that transmit, video, audio, data, cc, and telephone products, normally use 1 fiber. For media converters, we have 1 fiber products and 2 fiber products. Fiber switches can be 1 or 2 fiber, it just depends on the SFP module(s) you select. In any case, please select 1 or 2 fiber products according to if there are plenty of fiber cores in the project. Usually, 2 fiber equipment is cheaper than 1 fiber one.
  • (5)Q:Should I design the system with standalone units or rack mount units?
  • A: Usually, for camera end products, or video transmitters, use standalone units. In the control center, rack mount units are used to keep equipment within a 19” sub-rack Chassis.
  • (6)Q:What types of connector inputs do your products come with?
  • A: AFS1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 9000 Series that transmit video, audio, data, cc, and telephone products, normally use FC connectors for single-mode products and ST connectors for multimode products. AFS6000 series media converters always have SC connectors. Fiber switch connectors depend on SFP modules you will select. There is SC or LC connector types for 1 fiber modules and just LC connectors for 2 fiber modules.