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  • AFS6526-2C Series 2013/10/12
  • AFS6526-2C Series

    The Best Alternative for Media Converters at the Control Center End.

    When IP camera’s or other IP signals need to be transmitted over long distances, fiber/copper media converters will be needed. In the following picture, there are 24 IP camera signals that need to be transmitted to the control center, which may be 1km to 20km’s away. Usually, a media converter is placed near each IP camera and at the control center end, the media converters on each signal end convert the fiber signals to electrical signals and a 24 copper port + 2 Gigabit switch is then used to combine this data signals to one higher rate Ethernet data signal so all the IP cameras can be viewed and recorded.

    In the scenario pictured below, 24 media converters are used together with a 26 port switch at the control center end. (As shown in the green box.)

    In another scenario, an AFS6526-2C, functioning with 24 100Mbps fiber ports + 2 Gigabit fiber/copper Combo ports, is designed to replace 24 media converters and one 26 port switch. From the following picture we can see that the AFS6526-2C can replace the 25 devices in the green box as was depicted above.

    Using the AFS6526-2C instead of 24 Media converter and a 26 port switch decreases the cost and installation complexity while increasing reliability, dramatically.