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  • What is PoE? 2013/12/10
  • Power over Ethernet or PoE describes systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as IP cameras.

    For example, in the system shown below, if non-PoE devices are used, each IP camera needs a power adapter and a power cable. However, if PoE devices are used, one center power supply can provide power for both managed fiber switch and IP cameras connecting to the switch.

     Pic 1. Switch without PoE

    Pic 2: Switch with PoE

    The industrial Ethernet switch in the example is called Power sourcing equipment (PSE), and the IP cameras are called powered devices (PD). 

    IEEE 802.3af PoE standard provides up to 15.40W of DC power to each PD. IEEE 802.3at, known as PoE+, offers up to 25.50W of power.