Welcome to Alba Fiber Systems Inc.
SOS (Sales Outsource Solutions)
All of Canada
Contact: Chris Clarke
Tel: (902) 818-6920
Email: chris@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Chris is responsible for theAtlantic
Provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Contact: Norm Baldoni
Tel: (416) 573-2979
Email: nbaldoni@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Norm is responsible for accounts in
Ontario & Manitoba as well as being the
sales manager.

Contact: Stephen Gibson
Tel: 1-800-658-7965
Email: stephen@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Stephen is supporting Paul Miles for
accounts in the provinces of British
Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Contact: Viv Fernicola
Tel: (905) 677-9788
Email: viv@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Viv is our Office Manager and is
responsible for the administration of
our company.

Contact: Erwin Villatoro
Tel: (416) 918-8431
Email: erwin@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Erwin is responsible for accounts in South
Western Ontario, Northern Ontario and

Contact: Greg Porter
Tel: (416) 580-8461
Email: greg@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Greg is responsible for Enterprise and
Government accounts in Ontario as well
as the key contact for several of our new
product lines.

Contact: Barry Leibner
Tel: (416) 993-3571
Email: barry@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Barry is our CCTV, Access, Security and
AV Communications Specialist with
account responsibilities in Ontario.

Contact: Paul Miles
Tel: 1-800-658-7965
Email: paul@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Paul is responsible for accounts in the
provinces ofBritish Columbia, Alberta and

Contact: Michael Gervais
Tel: (514) 704-0059
Email: michael@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Michael is responsible for accounts in the
provinces of Quebec.

Contact: Chris Porter
Tel: (905) 677-9788
Email: cporter@salesoutsourcesolutions.com
Chris is the Customer Care representative
for Canada.