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The ALBA FIBER SYSTEMS Series AFS8528M-L3, is aLayer 2 and Layer 3, network managed Industrial Ethernet Fiber Switch with four (4) 10Gand twenty four (24) 1000M user selectable SFP slots. Theoptical interfaces operate at a 10G and 1000Mbps Ethernetrate. Redundant ring, plug-and-playperformance,ensures ease of installation; no user electrical oroptical adjustments are required. Featuresincluded are advanced network management functions,such as Layer 3 IP routing, QoS, VLAN, IGMP, snooping/GMRP, PortTrunking, SNMP V1/V2/V3 RSTP/STP and LLDP;low power consumption, LED indicators formonitoring equipment link, operating statusactivity and auto resettable voltage transientfuses.In addition, the Layer 3 IP routing supports a maximum of 128 static routes and route summarization. Also, hardware accelerated Layer 3 routing performance. Finally, they have advanced securityIEEE 802.1x Port-based authentication, RADIUS and TACACS+ user access authentication, Layer 3 and Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL), MAC filtering and source IP/MAC address port-binding, and port mirroring to monitor incoming or outgoing traffic on a particular port. The Series AFS8528M-L3 switchesareoutstanding backbone products in the transmission of 10G Ethernet signals for commercial Layer 2 Managed Network Installations.