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The ALBA FIBER SYSTEMS compact form factor, Mini Series AFS2100 supports simultaneous transmission of broadcast quality, real time, uncompressed HD-SDI, SDI and DVB/ASI Video with return RS485 data on a single fiber. Multimode or singlemode version units are universally compatible with DVB/ASI, SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M/344M, SMPTE 292M (HDTV) formats and supports SMPTE305 SDTI rates. Additionally, embedded Audio and 1-ch return RS485 data for camera remote controls are supported. Plug-and play design ensures ease of installation, error free pathological pattern transmission and no user electrical or optical adjustments are required. Features include active, re-clocked BNC Video looping; low power consumption, LED indicators for monitoring equipment link, operating status and auto resettable voltage transient fuses. Available as compact standalone with 12VDC input voltage, the Series AFS2100 are outstanding products for transmission of Broadcast quality HD-SDI, SDI, DVB/ASI Video and Data control signals.
* HD-SDI, SDI, DVD/ASI Video on Fiber
* Real-Time, uncompressed Digital Video Encoding
* Supports multi-rate Transmission Standards
  SMPTE 310M @ 19.4Mbps,
  SMPTE259M/344M @ 143 to 540Mbps,
  SMPTE292M @ 1.5Gbps (HDTV,
  SMPTE305 @ SDTI data rates,
  DVB/ASI @ 270Mbps
* One HD-SDI, SDI, DVD/ASI Video Signal
* Return RS485 Data channel for controls
* Looping output Composite Video BNC
* Immunity to Pathological error patterns
* No Electrical or Optical User Adjustments
* Performance and Link Status Indicator LEDs
* Integrated Optics / WDM - greater reliability
* Voltage Transient Protection on Power/Signals
* ST (MM), FC (SM) Optical connectors
* Auto Resettable Fuses on Power Lines
* Hot-Swappable Rackmount Cards
* Designed with Lowest Power Consumption
* 12VDC Input Voltage (Standalone)
* Compliance with CE, FCC, ROHS