1 channel HD-SDI, SDI, DVB/ASI Video + Duplex Data, Looping, HDMI Output on 1 SFP. Supports multi-rate Transmission Forms of DVB/ASI, S
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The ALBA FIBER SYSTEMS Series AFS2200 supports simultaneous transmission of one broadcast quality, real time, uncompressed HDSDI, SDI and DVB/ASI Video and bi-directional data signals over one user selectable SFP options. Universally compatible with DVB/ASI, SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M/344M, SMPTE 292M (HDTV) formats and support SMPTE305 SDTI rates. Additionally, 1-ch bidirectional RS-422/RS-485 data for remote camera controls are supported. Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation, error free pathological pattern transmission and no user electrical or optical adjustments are required. Features include active, re-clocked BNC Video loop out, unique HDMItm output; low power consumption, LED indicators for monitoring equipment power, signal data rate lock, link operating status and auto resettable voltage transient fuses. With 12VDC/24VAC input voltage on standalone, industry highest density 19 card slots and one (1) power supply and dual (2) redundant supplies per 19"L x 4U Rackmount Chassis, Series AFS2200 are outstanding products for transmission of Broadcast quality HD-SDI, SDI, DVB/ASI Video and Data signals.
* HD-SDI, SDI, DVD/ASI Video on Fiber
* Real-Time, uncompressed Digital Video Encoding
* Supports multi-rate Transmission Standards
  SMPTE 310M @ 19.4Mbps,
  SMPTE259M/344M @ 143 to 540Mbps,
  SMPTE292M @ 1.5Gbps (HDTV,
  SMPTE305 @ SDTI data rates,
  DVB/ASI @ 270Mbps
* One HD-SDI, SDI, DVD/ASI Video Signal
* Bi-Directional RS-422/RS-485 Data for controls
* Looping HD-SDI, SDI, DVD/ASI Video BNC
* HDMItm Video output Connector
* Immunity to Pathological error patterns
* No Electrical or Optical User Adjustments
* Performance and Link Status Indicator LEDs
* Integrated Optics / WDM - greater reliability
* Voltage Transient Protection on Power/Signals
* Auto Resettable Fuses on Power Lines
* Hot-Swappable Rackmount Cards
* Designed with Lowest Power Consumption
* Highest Density - 19 Slots and Power Supply
* 12VDC/24VAC Input Voltage (Standalone)
* 90-130VAC or 180-264VAC (19" Chassis)
* Compliance with CE, FCC, ROHS