4 channel Digital Bi-directional Video. 4 channel Bi-directional Data. 4 channel Bi-directional Audio. 4 channel Bi-directiona
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The ALBA FIBER SYSTEMS Series AFS9800 support the simultaneous transmission of 8-bit digital 4-ch bi-directional video, with duplex 4-ch 24-bit Audio (bal/unbal), 4-ch RS-485, RS-422, RS-232 data, 4-ch contact closure, one 10/100 Mbps fast Ethernet, one PBX telephone and one intercom - all signals on a single fiber. Multimode or singlemode versions are compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats and support selectable or combinations of RS-232, RS-422 and 2 or 4-wire RS-485 data interfaces with speeds up to 1 Mbps. Units also provide ability to extend standard telephone and intercom systems remotely on fiber. Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation and no user electrical or optical adjustments are required. Features include low power consumption, LED indicators for monitoring equipment link and performance operating status. Featuring a lowprofile 19" x 1U Rackmount Chassis, the Series AFS9800 are outstanding products for transmission of Multi-media signals.
* NTSC, PAL, SECAM Fiber Optic Video System
* 8-bit uncompressed Digital Video Encoding complies with RS-250C Specifications
* Meets EIA RS-170 and RS-343 Standards
* Supports 4 Bi-directional Composite Video Signals
* Supports 4 Bi-directional 24-bit Audio Signals
* 4 Bi-directional Data channels as interface to RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 (up to 1Mbps)
* Supports 4 Bi-directional Contact Closure Signals
* One 10/100 BASE-T/TX Ethernet, IEEE 802.3
* 1-ch PBX Telephone Signal extender
* 1-ch Intercom Signal extender
* No Electrical or Optical User Adjustments
* Performance and Link Status Indicator LEDs
* ST (MM), FC (SM) Optical Connectors
* Designed with Lowest Power Consumption
* Low-profile 19" x 1U high Rackmount Chassis with one or two Power Supplies
* 90-130VAC or 180-264VAC inputs (selectable)
* Compliance with CE, FCC, ROHS